One Game a Month (#1GAM) 2013 KICKOFF

The Plan

SO, I’m participating in One Game A Month this year and am thoroughly excited to see what I come up with! I don’t plan on finishing any game beyond basic playability and light polish for the sake of my #1GAM submissions. If any of my games are worth being made fully featured, then that’ll happen on the side during its own allocated time slot (eg: not during #1GAM time!).


I plan on making a game where you play an animal hybrid and go around shooting people (with multiplayer support!) It’ll have a simple level(s?) and will spawn you on each death with a random configuration of an animal head, body, and legs. For example, you could spawn sporting a brand new rabbit body, equipped with elephant legs, sporting a laser-eye-shooting giraffe head. So far, all animations (purely code driven!), art, sounds, etc, will be made by me! I might pull someone in to help with some 2d graphics/textures later; but we’ll see. This game will be made using the Unity3D engine, and written in C#.

More to come

Please check out my profile and I’ll keep my progress posted here! Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @Mantic, and check out my #1GAM profile: Mantic

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