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Ever hit a “Java heap space” crash while running Flash’s command-line compiler: mxmlc? There are two ways to fix it:

1. Go to your SDK bin directory in a terminal window. (mac with FB: /Applications/Adobe Flex Builder 3/sdks/3.3.0/bin)

Mac / Linux:
2. edit the ‘mxmlc’ file, look for the “VMARGS=…” line, and change the “Xmx384m” to “Xmx684m”.

2. edit “jvm.config” and edit the line starting with “java.args=…”, change “Xmx348m” to “Xmx648m”.

3. The “648” is the maximum heap size (in megabytes) that the JVM will allocate for the compiling process. You can change this to suit your needs.

If you’re not sure how much memory you’ll need, set it to 1024 (a gig) or so, and compile your app with the “-benchmark” arg. That’ll tell you how much memory was used to compile your app, and you can adjust the final size to be somewhere above what it used.

Here’s a little app I wrote as a proof of concept w/ dynamic song generation. Thanks to Kelvin Luck for his demo that kick-started mine! :)

The music is made by DarkSide for our Power of 3 contest submission for Newgrounds.

View Demo

I have nothing against releasing the source. Make some noise if you want it.

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Here is a super-pre-alpha of a Flash zombie sidescroller that I worked on with Edgar (Funy Mony) during the Fall of 2009. We spent about 5-6 weeks on this, working at home and in between classes at the University of Utah. We had to abandon the project (TEMPORARILY) to compete in the Power of 3 contest that Newgrounds was hosting. We plan to pick it back up someday; maybe in the Summer of 2010.

Epic Zombies! <– This link will always be the most up to date demo.